Photo taken at Swamp River Boardwalk in Pawling, NY by Justin P. Goodhart as part of the Harlem Valley AT Hiker Portrait Project 2022-10-08.

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Join me as I hike the Appalachian Trail in 2022! The journey begins on Mount Katahdin in Baxter State Park as I hike Southbound from Maine to Georgia.

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Finishing a southbound Appalachian Trail thru hike during winter

Completing a true SOBO thru hike means reaching the southern terminus in late fall or winter. Weather in the mid-Atlantic and south is humid and wildly inconsistent as compared to New England where the temperature remains cold and snow begins to fall in early October. The best description comes from the meme “The 12 Seasons…

A Goat Encounter of the 3rd Kind

While hiking near Pearisburg, VA, I encountered the 5 feral goats of Symm’s Gap. They appeared out of nowhere without any warning , like noise or scat, as if beamed from an alien spaceship. The white goat took the lead from the huddle near the tree on the top left and appeared very willing to…

Mysterious Eyes in the Dark…non-bovine edition

On the eve of tropical storm Nicole, Prometheus (a hiker’s trail name) and I had to complete the last four miles in the dark to the shelter. After making the last road crossing with two miles left, Prometheus noticed two sets of eyes balls about 50 yards from the trail on the right. Scrolling my…

Turtleback’s bizarre first 12 hours in New York

Halloween edition Meeting the Cow Posse of Pawling, NY At the end of a 21 mile day, I thought the worse was over. Only a few pastures to pass through and then a short road walk to camp next to Tony’s Deli. The hike from the Mount Algo Shelter was pleasant meeting some day hikers…


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